Periodicals in the US-Mexico Border Region is a bilingual research portal that provides access to 200+ digitized periodicals from Arte Público Press, Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage (Recovery) Digital Archive in collaboration with the US Latino Digital Humanities Center (USLDH) located at the University of Houston.

This project, funded in part by the Council on Library Information Resources (CLIR) Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives, is an effort to develop an Internet-based, searchable database of border publications with descriptive information, digital humanities tools and educational resources.

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  • El Taoseño

    Taos, New Mexico, United States


  • Huelga General

    Los Angeles, California, United States


  • El Aldeano

    Uribeño, Texas, United States


  • Renacimiento

    Tijuana, Baja California, México


  • El Comercio

    Harlingen, Texas, United States


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Periodicals in the US-Mexico Border Region includes over 200+ Spanish, English, and bilingual publications. Archival materials come from print, microfilm and digital collections housed at the University of Houston’s Recovery Program.

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